A benchmarking service tailor-made for the iGaming industry

Benchmark yourself across your key customer journeys; from depositing and getting a bonus to playing and withdrawing

What’s measured in the survey?

The survey covers the entire customer journey from depositing and verifying the account to playing the different products and withdrawing. In total, we measure more than 150 metrics.


The classic Net Promoter® Score (NPS). “How likely are you to recommend brand to a friend or colleague?” We also ask for the rationale behind the score.

Overall satisfaction with brand

Overall, how satisfied is the respondent with the brand? All CSAT scores are measured on a five-point Likert scale; from Very Dissatisfied to Very Satisfied

Retention and loyalty Likelihood

How likely is the respondent to still be playing with the brand in 30 days?

Functional drivers CSAT

To what extent does the respondent agree with different statements about various parts of the experience? This covers about 150 metrics, such as, ‘I can easily find my preferred in-play bets in the app’.

CSAT for key experiences

Overall, how satisfied is the respondent with the different products (poker, bingo, horse racing, live casino, casino and sports betting), payments and bonuses? These data are split by platform (mobile app, website or downloadable poker desktop client).

Share of wallet

Which sites do the player use and how does the share of wallet look?

Trust in brand

To what extent do your agree with the following statement: I trust ${e://Field/FAVSITE}

Free text entry

Please give BRAND one suggestion that will definitely improve your experience. Along with various other free text entry questions

We are hard at work getting our CX benchmark ready
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Why choose us for your CX benchmark?

With decades of experience in the iGaming industry, we know the challenges associated with CX benchmarks and other survey focused research.

Previously, there have been only two options: 1. use a third party to survey a panel of theirs; a very costly process with no partners that are iGaming industry experts, or 2. run an internal benchmark using only your own customers.

We realize that several companies make use of the first option today, often paying upwards of €20 per survey response (including professional services). The data can be collected by any company, so why not pool together and share the data at a fraction of the cost?

This is exactly what we do at iGaming Intel: we offer bigger samples at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere, as the survey data isn’t exclusive to just one company.

1. We’re experts

We have a wealth of experience working with everything from CX analytics to product management in the iGaming industry – did we mention we’re avid casino, betting and poker players as well?

2. An Affordable solution

As we sell the benchmark data to multiple operators, you pay a fraction of what you would with our competitors – you pay less than the customer panels cost!

3. Bigger samples. More accurate

We survey thousands of customers in every market, giving you reliable data for even channel specific metrics. Contact us for a market breakdown.

The iGaming Customer Experience Awards

The only casino & betting awards which are solely based on comprehensive surveying of thousands of customers
because there’re no better judges than real players

Read More about the iGCXA

A complete Benchmark solution

We’ve put together a complete solution that should meet the needs of any organisation.
Smaller organisations with less developed data and analytical capabilities, or larger firms that simply see the benefit of outsourcing, might find our optional add-ons to be of interest.

CX survey

A CX survey with 150+ metrics translated into 17 languages. We guarantee at least a couple thousand responses per market, every year!

Yearly report

A comprehensive report detailing your own as well as your competitors performance.

Annual local CX Awards

Use of badges and banners on website and in promotional content, awarded annually. Read more on https://igcxa.com/

Analytics platform

Access to platform for easy text mining, key driver analysis and predictive models (Qualtrics iQ™).

Online dashboards

Access to online dashboards featuring both your, and your competitors’ data.


Get access to the complete data set through either manual exports or our simple REST API