Real-time tracking of your most valuable asset: your brand

Manage and improve your brand performance, optimize your marketing investments and more – all with our brand tracker built specifically for the iGaming industry

What’s measured in the survey?

Our brand tracking continuously measures your brand’s health while analyzing what your customers think and feel about your brand.

  • Advertising awareness

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand consideration

  • Brand conversion

  • Brand preference

  • Drivers of brand preference

  • NPS® and other metrics

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Why choose us for your brand tracking?

With decades of experience in the iGaming industry, we know the challenges associated with brand health tracking.

Previously, there have been only two options: 1. use a third party to survey a panel of theirs; a very costly process with no partners that are iGaming industry experts, or 2. run internal research using only your own customers.

We realize that several companies make use of the first option today, often paying upwards of €20 per survey response (including professional services), and in most cases it’s almost identical surveys for brand tracking, which are being used. The data can be collected by any company, so why not pool together and share the data at a fraction of the cost?

This is exactly what we do at iGaming Intel: we offer bigger samples at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere, as the survey data isn’t exclusive to just one company.

1. We’re iGaming Experts

We have a wealth of experience working with everything from country management and CX analytics to product management in the iGaming industry – did we mention we’re avid casino, betting and poker players?

2. An Affordable solution

As we sell the benchmark data to multiple operators, you pay a fraction of what you would with our competitors – you pay less than the customer panels cost!

3. Bigger Samples. More accurate

We survey thousands of customers in every market, giving you reliable data for even channel specific metrics. Contact us for a market breakdown.