About iGaming Intel

iGaming Intel was founded in 2022 by a Danish iGaming professional with more than 10 years experience in the industry:

Having been responsible for customer experience survey research and benchmarking for one of the largest operators in the industry, Kindred Group, I know the challenges associated with this process better than most. In addition to building surveys, writing reports and presenting findings/recommendations, I’ve also been at the other side of the table as a product manager responsible for actioning the insight.

Knowing the performance of your product through overall satisfaction scores and performance of key CSAT drivers for the specific journey, that is incredibly valuable. However, a satisfaction score of xx% says little about just how well you’re doing. The satisfaction with bonus offers and campaigns will for instance always be significantly lower than the satisfaction with the depositing or live betting experience, just like some products perform better than others, due to different customer segments and types playing these.

When given the task of benchmarking the performance against that of the competitors, there were two options:

1. Use existing surveys to active customers by adding questions regarding the use of other sites and satisfaction with these

2. Use a third party for either a complete report or buy just a customer panel with customers that gamble online in the respective markets

Doing a benchmark with only customers that already play with your site, that has obvious flaws and will never yield an accurate benchmark.
Using a third party, even if only buying the customer panel and conducting the research yourself, that is extremely costly with prices ranging from €4.5 to €20 per response, depending on the country.

Having worked in the industry for more than 10 years, I know that only a minority of operators have a proper customer experience measurement in place, let alone do any sort of benchmarking, and for those few that are investing in it already, I knew I could build something cheaper and better than the existing offering.
On top of the data and insight you also get permission to use the iGaming Customer Experience Awards on your site and for marketing. This award series is built targeting the customers rather than the operators, with detailed reasoning published – including KPI scores – for all of the winners. The awards are market specific and all content will be in local language for the markets.